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About Us


Pilot and Flight Operations Manager

Sigtryggur (or Diddi for short) has piloting experience in the USA, the North Sea (Norway and the Netherlands), Iceland and Greenland. Having flown different missions in demanding conditions, Diddi has acquired considerable expertise around the world operating helicopters. In addition to managing BlueWest Helicopters, Diddi also oversees its sister company BlueWest Helicopters-Greenland Aps.


Pilot & Mechanic


Sales and Marketing Manager

Friðgeir, a father of five, graduated from business school in his early twenties. After two decades of various business management jobs around the country he moved into the travel industry in 2006. Friðgeir has been around aviation most of his life. He has a private pilot licence and uses it every chance he gets to fly light aircrafts around Iceland with his friends and family. Therefore, designing sightseeing air tours around Iceland comes naturally to him.

Fast, safe and precisely

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us for helicopter needs in Greenland. We offer fast, safe and precise service at competitive rates. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for seismic drill transportation in Greenland, we currently operate both a Eurocopter AS-350B2 and Eurocopter AS-350B3+.  These helicopters are ideal for exploration

The Aircrafts  

The AS 350B2/B3’s are solid personal  transport platforms, as well as economical machines, for slinging loads of core, drill rods, drill rigs, drill platforms, tools, lumber, and supplies.

These are the most versatile options in our selection of aircrafts with the highest internal and external load capacity, the longest range, and the best operating cost in its category.

To the highest standard

All the equipment is exceptional and owner-operated ensuring it is maintained to the highest standards.

BlueWest Helicopter-Greenland has extensive experience providing helicopters to perform numerous survey operations and sight-seeing tours throughout Greenland. Our entire flight crew are trained to the highest standards available.

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